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Welcome to FootPro Podiatry & Chiropody

Our ethos is to provide a warm, friendly, and trustworthy service which provides thorough care, professional treatment and advice to every one of our patients. FootPro Podiatry will strive to ensure that you leave the clinic feeling better and more educated about the condition that is presenting on your feet and legs.  The service is not a simple  “treat and come again” service. After each treatment you will be given information about how you can help to look after your own feet and improve each step you take.  We hope that FootPro Podiatry can become your go to service for all your family and friends’ foot care needs!

Please take time to explore our website and services.  If you have any queries, please feel free to call us or message via our contact tab.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with interesting information and clinical offers!

Leading Podiatrist

Since graduating with a First Class Honours Podiatry degree, Robert has developed years of experience successfully treating patients from every walk of life. Continually learning and developing his wide range of skills through courses and education, Robert will provide you and your family with the best possible Podiatry care.  You can rest assured you are in the best hands, with a Podiatrist who wants the best outcomes for you.

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Current Opening Times

Mondays: 6pm-8pm

Tuesday 6pm-8pm

Wednesdays: 8.30am – 7.30pm

Thursdays 1.30pm-8pm

Fridays 6-8pm

Saturdays: 8.30am – 3.00pm

Clinic Ethos

  • Provide professional, ethical and scientific based treatments.
  • Provide a warm, friendly and trustworthy service for everyone.
  • Empower patients with their own self-care programmes.
  • Confidentiality and honesty are a vital part of the service.
  • We accept equality and diversity as part of our practice.

Recent News and Podiatry Stories

For all of the latest Podiatry news and articles visit our FootPro Podiatry blog!

What patients say about FootPro Podiatry

I had been struggling with a serious groin injury for 6 months and was unable to take part in any exercise. I had seen Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists and a Chiropractor but nothing had solved my injury. After visiting Robert Saunders, he provided me with treatment and expert personal assessment. My injury was rapidly resolved and I have really noticed a difference in myself since receiving my treatment, particularly when exercising and in my improvements with my previously weak hip and groin injury prone areas. Robert was highly professional and extremely thorough in every aspect of our consultations, and in his follow up assessments.

LiamSport Science and Personal Training degree student

I was unsure where to go when I was looking for a Podiatrist. I have Diabetes and was worried about my ingrowing toe nails. As I care for my disabled daughter I was struggle to leave the house, so getting someone who you can trust is difficult. My neighbour recommended me to FootPro Podiatry. Robert has since looked after mine, and then my daughters feet. We haven’t had any problems since the first day he helped care for our feet and I don’t have any ingrowing toe nail pain anymore.   He is always on time, happy and friendly – and always laughs at my awful jokes!

Sheila Carer

Robert Saunders came to visit my mum at home for podiatry care, he done a fantastic job and made my mum feel completely at ease, I would totally recommend his services to everyone!

JoanneDaughter of Home Visit Patient

I went to Robert because I needed to get rid of my veruccas. Before this I had tried many different methods, however none of them worked.  After a few weeks of painless treatment Robert managed to get rid of them all. He made me feel really comfortable and I was very happy with the outcome.

Eidann Nursery Practitioner

I could not recommend Rob and his podiatry skills highly enough.  He ended 2 years of foot, leg, hip pain and a Morton’s neuroma for me in a matter of weeks. I had tried cortisone injections, physiotherapy and received orthotics from the NHS, none of which worked.  From Rob’s initial assessment he quickly understood what the issues were, built me custom orthotics (which he has painstakingly adjusted over time) and advised on exercise.  Importantly, he also understood how badly it was impacting on my life.  I will always need orthotics but pain is a thing of the past! Robert is highly professional, knowledgeable and caring, if you are looking for a podiatrist you cannot do better than Rob.

AnnBiomechanics Patient

I saw Robert for the first time 30 June 2017, previously my wife had cut my toes. From an accident 28 years ago, I have nerve damage from a back injury going down my legs. This has resulted in my feet being very sensitive to touch, painful and my big toe nails grow inwards on themselves. To be honest they look gnarled and disgusting, growing quickly causing me pain.  I wear a splint, due to paralysis in my left leg, but this does not mean I do not feel pain in my left foot.  Previously, I readied myself for the wife to cut my toe nails, soaking my feet for hours before to get the toe nails softer. Often having to say ‘stop, give it a rest for now’ or ‘my toe doesn’t bend that way!’ As she tried to get the clippers to work, often causing my big toe to bleed, where the skin was trapped inside the curled nails.

Robert is heaven sent, he asked about my medical history, what were my feet like, understood instantly about the hypersensitivity, why the wife had trouble doing it for me. So, settling down, expecting pain, Robert commenced chiropody – I FELL ASLEEP. Having the right tools for the job really helps, his approach, understanding of feet & nails, blood supply, nerve endings etc., was amazing. My toe nails are trim, look healthier than they have in years, and no blood, sweat or tears on my part. Robert gave me advice on foot care i.e. moisturise especially over the tops of toes.


I saw Robert 2 months ago for a biomechanical assessment. I have had orthotics before, they were big & bulky requiring me to wear shoes bigger than my feet to accommodate the orthotic, and were now hurting my feet.

I have an Auto Immune condition (Inclusion Body Myositis) causing thigh muscle wasting affecting my balance and walking. Robert did a thorough postural assessment; of my gait, walking up and down, telling me how I walked. We discussed all my options with Orthotics, in a language I understood. At no point did I feel rushed into a decision.  I now have smaller orthotics that fit in all my shoes and trainers. That’s important for us girls! Robert ensured I was happy, made himself available for any questions later, which there has been no need for.

My orthotics are comfortable, my walking has greatly improved, I can now do my exercises with more ease, developing strength as the inserts ensure my feet, legs into hips are all functioning better. My condition is not medically reversible, but having the right footwear and orthotics helps tremendously. There will be follow up appointments to re-assess how the inserts are working, how they are affecting me and helping my feet.

I cannot thank Robert enough for his professional approach, knowledge, high level of practice and ability to explain everything in layman’s language, with no selling pressure. I look forward to my continued improvement and his re-assessment feedback

Sue Massage Therapist & Quality of Life Coach

Robert has treated my feet for the last 6 months, during which time I have not had any foot problems. He is gentle, thorough, explains what he is doing, and provides an excellent service. I’m 87 years old, having my feet & nails looked after regularly is key to being able to walk around pain free. Robert answers all my questions; no question is too small, so I understand why my toes are close together, how my bunion effect the rest of my toes.   Without selling me products I don’t need, he tells me what to do about it or how his chiropody will keep my toes comfortable. Which they now are.

IrisRoutine Patient