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Foot Facts – Grab a pen and paper!

No doubt you use your feet everyday without even thinking about them and how important they are to you.  Maybe you hate the look of them so pretend they aren’t there at all. In this blog I am going to give you some easy, simple facts to highlight their importance to your everyday life.  Feel free to use any of these facts in any family or pub quiz, or just use them to impress your friends with how clever you are.


  1. The feet contain a quarter of all the bones in your body – 52.
  2. Each foot is an intrincate and delicate structure made up 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and multiple tendons which hold the structure together and allow it to move in a variety of ways.
  3. There are 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet, they excrete half a pint of fluid a day – nice.
  4. 75% of people in the UK experience some level of foot pain at least once in their life.
  5. When you walk, the weight on the soles of your feet exceeds your own body weight – but when you run the feet hold up to 5 times your body weight!
  6. Women on average are 4 times more likely to experience foot problems.
  7. The target amount of steps a day is between 8000-10,000. If you manage to do this it adds up to 115,000 miles in a lifetime.
  8. By the age of 70, you would have walked around the world – four times!
  9. The high heels you claim to wear “occasionally” increases the weight on the balls of your feet by up to 75%.
  10. 60% of people have one foot larger than the other.
  11. The average shoe size for men in the UK in 1970 was 8, today it is 10. Women’s average shoe size in 1970 was 4, today it is 7.
  12. Our feet get wider as we get older – so you don’t stay in the same size shoes for life!
  13. 1/5 of women are ashamed of their feet.
  14. Toe nails grow faster in hot weather.
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