Podiatry for Children

As adults when we have pain it can be very stressful, but worries for your childrens health can be of much greater concern.  At FootPro Podiatry we understand this. 

Podopeadiatrics is the area of Podiatry focusing on the treatment of children and the various issues that can affect a young persons limbs.  This is a vital service that focuses on the long term foot and leg health of children during their development.

At FootPro Podiatry we have years of experience in dealing with Podiatric and Muscular skeletal (posture, muscle, joint, development issues) needs of children.  We look to provide a safe, friendly and comfortable environment with a service which strives to ensure we provide the children of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire with the best possible care.  We will make sure your children feel at ease within our clinics at all times. 

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At FootPro Podiatry we can treat a wide range of issues from ingrowing toe nails, to verrucae; to flat feet or intoeing gait patterns.  Common issues we face in clinic within children’s Podiatry clinics are:

  • Verrucae
  • Ingrowing toe nails
  • Freibergs disease
  • Osgood Schlatters
  • Severs disease
  • Intoeing/outtoeing gait
  • Flat feet / Fallen arches
  • Gait patterns in patients with Downs syndrome
  • Gait patterns in patients with Cerebral Palsy

Within our gait analysis and biomechanical assessments, we can assess children for unadressed structural patterns with the feet and legs that can worsen over time, eventually causing severe issues with their gait.  If early diagnosis of conditons are made, many long term chronic mobility issues can be safely and effecticley addressed, sparring great discomfort in later life.  At FootPro Podiatry we can use orthotics (see Orthotics page) to help with their development  and support areas of weakness. 

FootPro Podiatry will make sure within the friendly and comfortable clinical setting will allow your children to relax and be assessed whatever their needs, with treatment provided by a knowledgable and experienced Podiatrist.

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