Trigger Point Massage

This treatment involves a type of massage that works deep into the muscles of a patients lower legs and feet, which helps increase joint flexibility.  The trigger point massage can help to stimulate the healing process for sore and painful muscles and reduce the risk of injury in the future.  It helps to realign the muscle fibres and connective tissues, and helps remove the toxins that muscles naturally produce, for example lactic acid.   

It works by pressing on tender areas of muscles (trigger points) and compressing them for ten seconds.  This elicits a painful response from the muscles – especially at the start of the treatment – which improves blood flow to the muscles and improves the condition of the muscles tissue. 

The benefits of this treatment are:

  • It reduces swelling of muscular micro traumas
  • It loosens tired and stiff muscles
  • It helps maintain flexibility
  • It promotes blood flow to improve healing
  • It reduces cramping
  • It improves recovery of muscles for people participating in high level activity
  • It improves joint rage of motion

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Conditions this treatment can help with are:

  • Muscle pains and stiffness
  • Muscle strains
  • Muscle soreness
  • Muscle sprains
  • Muscle tension
  • Sore sports on the feet and lower leg
  • Repetative lower leg strain
  • Tendonopathies

It is a safe and effective treatment.  You may experience temporary redness on the skin, soreness and minor bruising to the muscles – which may or may not take place after your massage.

Trigger point massage follows a full biomechanics and gait analysis appointment (see MSK Biomechanical assessment) and it is vital a full medical history review is undertaken to ensure this treatment type is suitable for you.

At FootPro Podiatry we provide this thorough and detailed assessment.  We use this type of trigger point massage as part of a therapeutic treatment programme.  All of this will be discussed on the day of your assessment.

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