Welcome to our clinic!

The clinic at FootPro Podiatry has been designed with its patients in mind.  The newly furbished clinic provides a comfortable and relaxed environment for patients to be treated within.

Being just off Arlesey high street, it is easy to access from all the main road routes into the village and there are plenty of footpaths which bring you to the clinic from any direction. Along with FootPro Podiatry being easy to access, there is plenty of parking available right outside the clinic in the car park, or if it is very busy, there is is plenty of on street parking surrounding the building.

Within the clinic you are welcomed by comfortable seating in the waiting area and there are customer toilets on the ground floor.  The clinic itself has been designed to ensure every patients feels comfortable in the clinical environment.  For example, there is plenty of space for those who have mobility equipment to move around.  This means any patient with mobility issues does not need to worry about bringing such devices into the clinic.   Even the patient chair has been made with extra padding to provide greater comfort for patients while Podiatry treatments are being carried out.

Rest assured FootPro Podiatry is totally focused on its patients happiness and comfort, from the moment you come into the clinic until the time you leave.